Wondering how to butcher a pig? You don't have to send your homegrown pork away for processing - you can do it right on your farm!
A delicious cinnamon and brown sugar bread named Amish Cinnamon Flop Bread — a name that most certainly does not describe it well. (Hint: It is NOT a flop.)
Ever wanted to make homemade noodles from scratch, but thought it was too hard? Pshaw. You can totally do this. It only takes four ingredients!

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Homestead Hints


Let's all sit down to a nice chicken dinner and listen as I give some of my best farmish advice about social media etiquette.
Life as a homesteader is awesome! I wouldn't want to live any other way, but there are a few homesteading challenges to face when living this life.

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Garden Goodies


Staring at a plethora of green tomatoes? I'm here to tell you that you've got two options for how to deal: grab a paper bag...or a frying pan.

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Barn Buzz


It's that very real part of homesteading that no one really likes to talk about much. If you have animals on your homestead, you will, at some point, deal with death.
You've decided to add hens to your homestead. Will you be keeping a rooster as well? Here are a few things to consider when making your decision.

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Kitchen Kan-Do


Your bread didn't turn out? Check out these five common reasons that a loaf of homemade bread will sometimes end up as a flop.
Cider Roasted Kielbasa and Potatoes is the perfect meal when it's cold and you need something yummy -- and simple -- to fill up your belly.

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