Why We Are Homesteaders: 28 Reasons

Why We Are Homesteaders: 28 Reasons
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Why do folks get into homesteading? What is it about the homesteading life that attracts people to it? I asked 28 friends what their reason was for homesteading, and their answers were as varied as the homesteads they live on.

To live a simple, more old-fashioned life.

Why Be A Homesteader? -- A Farmish Kind of Life


“We started homesteading to leave consumerism behind and get back to wholesome values.” Ann, Live The Old Way

“I became a homesteader to provide better memories for my children than conquering the highest level of their favorite video games.” Carol, Everything Home with Carol.

“I homestead so that I can share knowledge and skills with others!” Lee Ann, One Ash Farm and Dairy

“I became an off grid homesteader so I could get out of the noisy city and have more control over my life by being more self sufficient and prepping for the future.” Wmh Cheryl, Off Grid Homestead Prepper


To have connection to wholesome food:

Why Should You Be a Homesteader? Here's Why: - A Farmish Kind of Life


“The reason I’m a homesteader is because I love food, and I care about where it comes from.” Carrissa, Feather and Scale Farm

“We started homesteading to provide REAL food for our family.” Tommy, Alderman Farms

“I’m a homesteader because after my son developed multiple food allergies, the best and safest way to feed him and the rest of the family was to raise/grow our own food. His allergies have since subsided, but it’s a lifestyle now.” Janelle, Homestead in the Holler

“I became a homesteader because I wanted to grow and raise nutrient-dense, organic food. What began as gardening turned into full-blown homesteading as we continue to extricate ourselves from unhealthy corporate systems.” Teri, Homestead Honey

“The reason I’m a homesteader is because I LOVE to eat, and I want the freshest, tastiest food I get my hands on.” April, April Tells All

“We chose homesteading to have more control over what we eat (healthier, fresher) and to teach our children these skills. It’s important to us that they become good stewards of the land and it’s provisions, valuing what has been provided. It has also taught the basic principle ‘you have to work to eat’ in a very real way.” Stephanie, The Accidental Country Girl

“I became a homesteader to have more control about what I put in and on our bodies. There are too many chemicals in commercial food and health/beauty products.” Lisa, Feathers in the Woods and Murano Chicken Farm

“The biggest draw for our family to dive into homesteading was taking on a more active role in our health by putting healthier, chemical free foods in our diets without having to pay a small fortune to do so.” Krystyna, UP Pastured Farms

“The reason I got into homesteading was because I wanted to provide healthier food options for my family and to teach my kids that food doesn’t just ‘come from the store’.” Dan, Suburban Steader


Because it’s what we know.

Why Be A Homesteader? - A Farmish Kind of Life


“I didn’t have a choice. I was born that way…I’ve never lived any other way.” Scott, North Country Farmer

“I’m a homesteader because I was born and raised to it, it’s who I am.” Rhonda, The Farmer’s Lamp

“I wanted to get back to the way I was raised and be more self sufficient. I just didn’t know it was called homesteading until a few years ago.” Bonnie, The Not So Modern Housewife

I am a homesteader because that’s how I was raised.” Wendy, 10 Acres and 6 Chicks


Because it’s different from how we grew up.

Why Be A Homesteader? -- A Farmish Kind of Life


“We are homesteaders because we wanted to ‘change our family tree’ and provide the opportunity for our children to grow up with access to our abundant Earth.” Emily, Accidental Hippies


Independence and self-sufficiency

Why Be A Homesteader? -- A Farmish Kind of Life


“I became a homesteader because I want to be as independent as I possibly can, and because I believe it’s where God has placed me at this point in my life.” Brandon, Lone Star Farmstead

“I asked myself could I grow all my own food? after my first year of gardening. I still don’t have the answer.” Don, The Snarky Gardener

“I became a homesteader because I’m stubbornly independent and don’t want to rely on “the system” for anything.” Amanda, Idlewild Alaska

“Because I like to buck the system…” Heather, The Homesteading Hippy

“We started homesteading because we wanted to be able to feed ourselves and not rely on big corporations.” Liz, Eight Acres

“I became a homesteader because I don’t like having to rely on anyone else. I want to be free to take care of myself and my family in our own way.” Nicole, Little Blog on the Homestead


Out of necessity, or to solve a problem.

Why Be A Homesteader? - A Farmish Kind of Life


“I became a homesteader because I was suddenly laid off and had to make ends meet.” Jess, The 104 Homestead

Why We are Homesteaders - A Farmish Kind of Life

Because of everything it gives us.

Why Be A Homesteader? - A Farmish Kind of Life


“The reason I began homesteading is because it’s the gift that keeps on giving!” Lisa, The Petite Plantation

“I started homesteading because I take pride in what we can accomplish with hard work. Plus homegrown food is healthier and tastes better!” Laura, You Should Grow


Because it just makes sense.

Why Be A Homesteader? - A Farmish Kind of Life


“Because to do anything else didn’t seem to make any sense at all. Not profound, I suppose, but there you go.” Tessa, Homestead Lady

I don’t know, Tessa. I think that is pretty profound. I think your reason pretty much sums it up. 🙂

Farmish readers, what draws you to the homesteading life? Leave your reasons in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Why We Are Homesteaders: 28 Reasons”

  • I just loved reading this. Very uplifting and inspiring. We homestead so that we can invest in ourselves and work towards the fulfillment of our own dreams, on our own terms. We realized that the power to change what we don’t like about the world and our life was right there in our own hands.

  • I became a homesteader because the quality of life is better for the animals. I can see that they have the best possible life up until they are needed to feed my family. I also became a homesteader because a family of 6 is costly to feed, but if I put in the work and grow the food myself then it doesn’t cost as much as far as $$$. I also want my kids to understand how to grow their own food, that hard work is what it takes to provide for yourself and that there is more to this world than video games and facebook!

  • I love it! What a fantastic article. Thank you for sharing. Though many of us have similar reasons or partial reasons, I find it interesting to read what led people to the homesteading life. We started because I wanted to take back control.
    Control of my food, control of my ability to survive, control over my own destiny – as much as any of us ever have over that.

  • Sustainability, independence, quality of life and food, knowing the full circle of life that comes with our eating habits, to be more active, to be outside more often…The list goes on and on.

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