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Itty Bitty Thoughts

In Tiny Houses on Little Farms

My great uncle was an amazing man. I learned a lot from him… mostly that no one out there on the news really much cared what was going on in his tiny house on his little farm. They didn’t care if his refrigerator was still running, or if his garden grew, or if he made it to church, or what, if anything, he ate for supper… and he kind of thought it was strange that people in tiny houses on little farms would care so much about the ins and outs of the daily happenings of people who didn’t know tiny houses on little farms existed.

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Beautiful Boring

I had a relative once tell me that she liked talking to me because there was no drama in my life and that my life was, in fact, pretty boring. I sometimes like to think what she actually meant was beautiful boring. It’s not that we don’t have have issues or struggles. That’s part of being alive. But my 41 years this go round on the planet has taught me that it’s up to us to decide what we decide to get involved in. What drama we take on. What drama we allow in. I’m okay with a beautiful boring life.

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Just Do the Next Thing

Is it possible to live a life where you know what’s going on and you know how much you can shove in, but also have time to feed another stray kitten you found at the end of the driveway? Maybe life is less about how much you can shove in and more about how many stray kittens you can feed. Maybe life is less about knowing what needs to get done and more about tackling the things that come up.

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