109: lessons, tiny farms, and other stuff

109: lessons, tiny farms, and other stuff

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Earlier this week I went down a rabbit hole that we will call Something Doesn’t Quite Line Up Here which lead me to a bunch of question-asking and research. And because that rabbit hole was so deep, Cinderella didn’t get her work done to make that today’s podcast episode topic. So today’s episode is instead a recap of all the other stuff I wrote about during the week: those itty bitty daily thoughts that have been milling around in my brain and that I write about daily here on A Farmish Kind of Life.

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Today’s episode includes itty bitty thoughts about:

Decorate for You

Here’s the thing I’ve learned: your life doesn’t have to sparkle for anyone else, it just has to sparkle for you.

Just Do the Next Thing

Maybe life is less about knowing what “needs” to get done and more about tackling the things that “come up”—and considering that maybe things don’t actually “come up.”

Beautiful Boring

Someone recently told me she liked to talk to me because I had a boring life. Here’s why I’m totally okay with that.

The Way Things Were

Deep thoughts about life back in the day and why it’s okay to let go of things.

In Tiny Houses on Little Farms

I got to thinking about my great uncle, who lived through the Great Depression, and what’d he’d have to say about us getting all caught up in what’s happening out there in the big wide world.

A Lesson Learned from Two Tall Guys

That thing where you feel like your kids become the parent and you’re the kid because you know the advice they’re giving you is on point.

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4 thoughts on “109: lessons, tiny farms, and other stuff”

  • I love this recap of itty bitty thoughts. I may not get a chance to read them all during the week so it’s nice to have them all in one place. And your voice is so calming too!😁
    I enjoy the range of topics and thoughts you hit upon. I found my self laughing, crying, reminiscing and contemplative. Thank you for this space you have created!💚

  • I don’t have to imagine snow in June. It happens in Wyoming almost every year. :o)
    Thanks so much for your podcasts! Very inspirational and I love them. Also love the Itty Bitty Thoughts!

  • I absolutely love this podcast! Your voice is very thought provoking and brings a sense of calm. Your itty bitty thoughts are not itty bitty at all but the bite size portions which you bestow on us, is just enough to get us thinking. Please please continue to share your itty bitty thoughts via a podcast format. I have a husband but no children. At the moment I spend lots of time alone. It does wonders to hear, YES HEAR, another person’s voice and feel connected. I stumbled upon your site when researching chicken waterers for winter weather. I’ve stuck around because I love your view on things and your all practical teachings.
    Big fan here, Mel

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