197: What actually makes you a homesteader?

197: What actually makes you a homesteader?

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Today’s interview is with Brian Wells of The Homestead Journey Podcast, and, as one might assume, we talk a bit about his journey as a homesteader. But Brian gets fired up and gives a whole buck fifty’s worth of thoughts regarding what makes someone a “real homesteader”, and everything that’s wrapped up in that big label. (In fact, he gives what is by far my favorite rant about “how do you know when you’re a real homesteader” by comparing homesteading to… basketball great Michael Jordan?) Brian also defines the difference between self-reliance, self-sufficiency, and sustainability, and talks about the reality of trying to be all those things.

“Don’t let great get in the way of good enough.”

We hope you enjoy this interview!

— Amy and Brian, 3-24-22


Brian podcasts weekly at The Homestead Journey Podcast where he talks about life on his two acre homestead in beauuuuutiful upstate New York.  Brian has American Guinea Hogs, a laying flock, a freeloading rabbit, and some geese that were supposed to be chicken guards. Brian wants to encourage you along your homesteading journey, reminding you to “do what you can, and don’t let great get in the way of good enough”. With that in mind, he’s created a series of free printables called Just the Basics to give you a bottom line “just get started” approach to several common aspects/skills of homesteading.

Website: thehomesteadjourney.net

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Brian’s free homesteading printables: Just the Basics

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