261: the ONE thing you need for success this year

261: the ONE thing you need for success this year

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Let’s get wildly honest, shall we? Today’s episode talks about what I think is the most important thing to find in your life to help you move forward. Oh sure, we talk about being honest and real all the time, but here’s what it really looks like, and why it really matters.


Weekly lifestead update (2:35)

Main topic (7:30)

  • what “being real” means and doesn’t mean
  • what being “open and accepting” means and doesn’t mean
  • we all make stupid decisions and need a place to admit it
  • what the title of this episode should have really been
  • stop paying attention to the pretty memes
  • before we can be real with others, we have to be real with ourselves
  • bridge the gap between who you say you are and who you actually are.
  • “omg, it’s not just me” – we are ALL feeling this

Do you have a place to “be real”? If not, make that a #1 priority for this next year!

— Amy Dingmann 1-1-24


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1 thought on “261: the ONE thing you need for success this year”

  • I always tell my grown kiddos to surround themselves with people who will tell you what you need to hear vs. those who always tell you what you want to hear. You won’t grow in life being told “atta boy”, at every turn. Love this one! Spicy truth is my thing. Happy New Year!

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