266: Dear Introverts, Don’t Do THIS

266: Dear Introverts, Don’t Do THIS

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Here’s today’s hot take that’s bound to stir the pot: sometimes “I’m an introvert” is just an excuse.

Listen, I’m an introvert myself. So today, I’m not just preaching to the choir; I’m challenging fellow introverts to examine the excuses that might be holding them back from engaging in community and living fully. Through sharing a few of my own experiences—from attending a bridal shower I initially dreaded to reflecting on the pandemic’s impact on social habits—I’m inviting you to reflect on your own life. Are you too quick to label yourself and limit your experience? Do we truly understand the value of community and the role we play within it? And are you (or someone you love) using “I’m an introvert” as an excuse to opt out of life?

This is more than just a call to action; it’s a reminder that life is about balance. It’s about recognizing the need for solitude without letting it become a barrier to the world. It’s about the courage to step outside our comfort zones and the wisdom to know when to retreat and recharge.

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— Amy Dingmann, 2-12-24


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