270: What you actually need in tough times

270: What you actually need in tough times

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If I may be so bold, I would consider today’s episode to be a crucial conversation.

Today I challenge the typical prepper narrative and offer that creativity, ingenuity, and community are just as important as any other tools for surviving challenging periods.

Our ancestors didn’t have access to the endless supplies we do today; they thrived on creativity and the ability to adapt. I think we need a reminder about what it truly means to be resilient, and that perhaps the best tool for surviving tough times can’t be bought or sold.

What are the real resources we need to survive? And why aren’t we talking about them? Listen in for my two cents on the matter.

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Amy Dingmann, 3-11-24


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1 thought on “270: What you actually need in tough times”

  • FANTASTIC food for thought. Thank you for the true words. I don’t always catch your podcasts, but am very glad I listened to this one!!

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