272: 5 SHTF Survival Strategies You Shouldn’t Rely On

272: 5 SHTF Survival Strategies You Shouldn’t Rely On

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Have you ever wondered if you’re truly ready for a crisis? Today I dig into the five most common – and wildly inaccurate – survival strategies that people believe will save them if “society collapses.”

From the illusion of bountiful hunting to the fantasy of last-minute gardening to the overly optimistic “I’ll just crash at my prepper friend’s house,” there are many SHTF survival plans that aren’t likely to play out like some folks hope they will.

Let’s make sure your strategy is more than just wishful thinking. And let’s talk about how to help people who are taking wild stabs in the dark when it comes to how to thrive when things go sideways.

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— Amy Dingmann, 3-25-24


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  • You have such a balanced and realistic perspective that I take comfort in my own perspective, which is just as logical and well reasoned as yours. Wish we were neighbors in the geographic sense. Happy Easter and blessings to you and yours!

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