284: Celebrate Your Homesteading Wins

284: Celebrate Your Homesteading Wins

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What is the one thing we often forget to do as homesteaders?

Join me on today’s episode as I get real about the importance of taking a moment to acknowledge and appreciate what you’ve already accomplished. It’s easy to get caught up in the go-go-go mode, always planning and doing more, but sometimes we need to pause and celebrate our achievements. Not only is it okay, but I tend to think it’s essential for our well-being.

This isn’t about bragging or comparing ourselves to others, it’s about appreciating our unique journeys. Acknowledging the things we’ve actually accomplished can provide a much needed boost of motivation—and who doesn’t need that? (Main topic starts at 7:53)

Also hear about our lifestead updates, including:

  • Guess what? My 45-year-old body doesn’t bounce back from physical activity like my 35-year-old body did…
  • Using my husband’s grandpa’s old school 5 tine cultivator to keep our patch of sweet corn lookin’ good (and hearing stories from my father in law about the HUGE garden his family kept when he was a kid)

So… what have you done? What goals have you met? Feel free to share your achievements. I’d love to hear what goals you’ve met and celebrate with you.


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