286: Cultivating Connection with Intentional Interactions

286: Cultivating Connection with Intentional Interactions

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(Psst! Don’t run away, introverts! Don’t get scared. I promise this won’t be painful. It will be honest, however, and a little spicy.)

Today we are talking about the art of being intentional with our social interactions. Inspired by the July challenge for my Get By Guys and Gals group on Facebook, we’ll explore the importance of taking control of our social lives and interactions with others, whether online or in person. 

This isn’t about becoming a social butterfly. It’s about making deliberate choices in how we connect with others. Whether that’s setting social media boundaries or making time for face to face connections, this oddly spicy episode will challenge you to rethink how you interact with others and hopefully encourage you to be more intentional about it. (Main topic starts at 6:19)

Also hear about our lifestead updates, including:

  • What’s happening in the garden
  • Nessie is back! … with a surprise.

If nothing else, this episode is a powerful reminder: the people in our lives are only around for so long. We NEED to figure out what we want our social experiences and relationships to be while they’re still here.


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