88: “When You Just Want to Sit in Your Barn and Drink Beer”

88: “When You Just Want to Sit in Your Barn and Drink Beer”

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Today’s episode is my answer to a reader question I received, and I thought it was so timely, I moved it ahead of some other podcast/blog post topics I had planned. (If you have a question or topic you’d like me to tackle on the podcast, drop me a line at [email protected])

“Amy –

How do we deal with friends and family who disagree with us and are so polar opposite from us about this whole Covid thing? I feel like this is just pitting everyone against each other and I just want to turn everything off and to go sit out in my chicken coop. But is that the right answer? I have seen you post on social media about how important it is to continue to be positive and post positive things on social media. So explain to the class how it is that you aren’t just sitting all alone in your barn and drinking beer until this passes.

–  Jeremy”

In episode 88, I tackle:

  • things to keep in mind when communicating with people who disagree with you
  • understanding when stress, fear, and exhaustion are talking and listening
  • knowing when it’s time to step away for your own sanity
  • how to continue communicating (on social media) without losing your mind
  • why it’s important to continue to be a light for others.

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A reader recently asked how to "deal with people" during the pandemic when all you really want to do is sit in the barn and drink beer. Here was my answer.

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