91: When it’s time to dig, dig deep.

91: When it’s time to dig, dig deep.

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No podcast episodes, YouTube videos, or blog posts for a month? AMY, WHAT IS UP?? Here is my explanation of where I’ve been for the last month. Let’s dig deep about the path you’re on—not only as a homesteader, but as a person. In this episode, I give words and voice to some things that a lot of people are currently thinking about…

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Let's dig deep about the path you're on -- not only as a homesteader, but as a person. This episode gives words to things many people are thinking about...

2 thoughts on “91: When it’s time to dig, dig deep.”

  • Amy, this has been THE best podcast. I’m feeling the same way your acquaintance feels. I just like to hear the things you have to say. You have hit the nail in the head today! I feel the exact same way but you put the words to it. Thank you for your AWESOME podcast. I found it by accident a couple of months or so ago and I. Love. It. It is my favorite!!! Again, today was an answer I’ve been searching for about myself. I don’t crowd follow but I do stray and have to reel myself back in. Thanks again!

  • Amy, this post really resonated with me, especially right now. Honestly, I listen to your podcast for the more contemplative ideas on living on the land. Not really the how-to’s, but more your thoughts on life as a farmer. As you say, I don’t want to pigeon-hole myself in my blog to be just about one thing. How boring would that be (for ME, especially!)!?! So, keep on doing whatever it is you want to do. As long as you’re passionate about it, it will come through in your posts.
    Thanks so much for your honesty!

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