Farmish Chat 001: Grilled Cheese, Motorcycles, and Raw Tomatoes

Farmish Chat 001: Grilled Cheese, Motorcycles, and Raw Tomatoes

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Missed this week’s Farmish Friday morning Chat and Coffee livestream? Never fear, I’ve got the (unedited) audio for you. Grab a cup of coffee and listen to my very random conversation with the Farmish community on YouTube, Facebook, and Flote. We talk about it all, including:

  • the toolbox fallacy
  • prepping
  • grilled cheese
  • songs you might sing to your dog
  • motorcycles
  • raw tomatoes
  • whether or not Ma Nature needs more wine or less moonshine

Join me Friday mornings at 8 am cst on YouTube, Facebook, and Flote for a great chat and coffee, or check out the audio as a Saturday morning podcast episode.

Amy Dingmann, 3-12-22


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