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Ever wondered if life as a homesteader is all it’s cracked up to be?

Ever wish someone would just sit down and tell you all about it?

I’m Amy Dingmann and life on our 5-acre Minnesota homestead keeps me busy. I work hard in the barn, the garden, and the kitchen.

Come hang out with me while I share a real and hilariously truthful look at what it’s REALLY like to live a farmish kind of life.


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The Episodes! The Episodes!

001 — But Why Do You Call It Farmish? (8 min)

002 — 5 Reasons Your Bread Didn’t Turn Out (19 min)

003 — The Most Important Homesteading Skill Is… (13 min)

004 — Homestead Winter Projects: 7 Things to Do While Waiting for Spring (21 min)

005 — Truths About Homesteading: 7 to Know Before You Start (22 min)

006 — Does Homesteading Save Money? (27 min)

007 — Free Range Chickens: 5 Truths to Know (16 min)

008 — Fill Your Freezer on the Homestead 5 Ways (20 min)

009 — The Only Way a Garden Saves Money (22 min)

010 — Chick Starter: 3 Reasons We Don’t Use It (18 min)

011 — Raising Pheasants: 5 Things I Didn’t Know (25 min)

012 — Should You Sell Chicken Eggs? A Few Things to Consider… (25 min)

013 — Urban Homesteading: What I Really Think (17 min)

014 — Cornish Cross vs. Red Rangers: The Great Meat Bird Experiment (29 min)

015 — Keeping a Rooster: Tips You’ll Need (25 min)

016 — 10 Tips for Butchering at Home (31 min)

017 — 7 Reasons You Can’t Rehome Your Pet at My Farm (26 min)

018 — Why You Should Keep a Farm Journal (17 min)

019 — Don’t Be a Slave to the Simple Life (25 min)

020 — Death: It’s Part of Life on the Homestead (21 min)

021 — Homesteading Questions: Why There Aren’t Any Dumb Ones (24 min)

022 — Homesteading Challenges: The Three Biggest You’ll Face (23 min)

023 — Social Media Etiquette: A Farmgirl’s Guide (17 min)

024 — It’s Okay if You Don’t Free Range Your Chickens (17 min)

025 — Why YOU Are a Homestead Expert (14 min)

026 — Overwhelmed Homesteader? It’s Okay to Scale Back (19 min)

027 — 5 Things Baby Chicks Need (23 min)

028 — 5 Ways to Homestead Like Great-Grandma (23 min)

029 — How to Convince Your Spouse to Homestead (18 min)

030 — Eat Like a Homesteader in 3 Easy Steps (25 min)

031 — Homestead Menu Planning: Make it Work in Real Life (20 min)

032 — How to Keep Warm Without Turning Up The Heat (19 min)

033 — Supplemental Light for Chickens? Be Honest About THIS… (15 min)

034 — 5 Common Homesteading Mistakes to Avoid (22 min)

035 — “Doesn’t Butchering Animals Bother You?” A Homesteader’s Answer (14 min)

036 — Should You Raise Animals for a Friend (18 min)

037 — Gratitude: Why You Should Sit With Your Chickens (24 min)

038 — 10 People Who Will Struggle With Homesteading (24 min)

039 — My 5 Favorite Go-To Homemade Bread Recipes (30 min)

040 — The One Surefire Way to Keep Chickens Water From Freezing in the Winter… (21 min)

041 — Two Ways to Render Lard…and What to Use it For (19 min)

042 — Three Frugal Living Tips…that have Nothing to do with Money (16 min)

043 — Hatching Chicks? Incubator Vs. Broody Hen (22 min)

044 — My Favorite Homesteading Blogs, Podcasts, and YouTube Channels (27 min)

045 — Should You Help a Chick Hatch? (15 min)

046 — Home cured ham: How to wet-cure a ham (18 min)

047 — Old Fashioned Weather Prediction Tips (24 min)

048 — Homesteaders and Preppers: Get real. (24 min)

049 — What are the Best Animals for a New Homesteader? (22 min)

050 — Choosing Between Ducks and Chickens on your Homestead (14 min)

051 — The Simple Life: How We Screw it Up (16 min)

052 — The Handwritten Letter: 4 Reasons We Need to Bring it Back (27 min)

053 — Why We Started Homesteading…and How We Screwed it Up (42 min)

054 — Smart Homesteaders Keep Learning (36 min)

055 — Smart Homesteaders Fix the Problem (34 min)

New episodes are uploaded weekly.

I welcome your questions, comments or suggestions—feel free to leave them in the comments below, or you can email me at amy(at)afarmishkindoflife(dot)com.

Looking for some real talk about homesteading? Join me at the Farmish Kind of Life podcast!



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