RP 002: Hard Times Teach Big Lessons

RP 002: Hard Times Teach Big Lessons

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Note: During vacations, workshops, or speaking engagements, I now post replays of past episodes of the Farmish Kind of Life podcast. If you want the blog post for today’s episode, check out the original link below.

Today’s episode is a replay of Episode 84, 10 Lessons You Can Learn in Times of Crisis, which originally posted on March 23, 2020.

This episode was recorded right around the time Minnesotans had been given our first round of stay at home orders—remember two weeks to flatten the curve? I’m replaying this episode because I feel there is a benefit to going back and listening to some past times of “crisis” and hearing how we talked about them in real time. There is good information in this episode about lessons to be learned during hard times, but I also think this episode gives perspective on how far we’ve come in the last couple years—or maybe how much we still need to do. This inspiration might give you a kick in the pants, or it might help you to remember how much you’ve actually done and changed in your life.

2020 and everything that came along with the whole Covid mess was actually when a lot of people first found the Farmish Kind of Life podcast. If you’re one of those people… tell me—even though our world continues to be “in crisis”, how much has your life changed since 2020?

Enjoy this replay that digs into the concept of crisis and what you can learn in the midst of hard times.

— Amy Dingmann, 4-28-22


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