Honey Badger Gloves: Gardening With Claws

Honey Badger Gloves: Gardening With Claws

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So, I’ve got something here that makes me feel a little bit rockstar in the garden.

Honey Badger Gloves: Gardening With Claws - A Farmish Kind of Life

Gloves with claws, y’all. GLOVES. WITH. CLAWS.

I was sent a pair of Honey Badger Gloves gloves in exchange for an honest review.
All opinions are mine because yo, farmgirls don’t lie.

Honey Badger Gloves: Gardening With Claws - A Farmish Kind of Life

Honey Badger Gloves are gloves meant to kill two gardening birds with one stone. Gloves to protect your hands, claws to help you dig.

I was really interested to try these out because I thought the concept was really neat. I’m actually a pretty lazy gardener and I don’t like carrying tools with me to do my thing. Is it possible that a pair of gloves could eliminate my need for a lil’ garden shovel?

But the main thing I was wondering about? This: it didn’t matter what Mr. Honey Badger claimed, I didn’t see any way that my fingertips weren’t going to hurt from those claws. I mean, I’m gonna push my fingertips into claws and then into my clay soil and then I’m going to dig, y’all.

They’re gonna hurt. Right?

I wanted Honey Badger Gloves to prove me wrong.

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I was sent two pair of Honey Badger Gloves. The green pair was larger and clawed on the left hand, the pink pair smaller and clawed on the right hand.

Since I’m right handed, I figured it would be best to wear the claw on my dominant hand. It worked really well for working through the soil in one of my raised gardens. I know that I could easily make a trench for seeds or dig holes to set transplants in. Y’all, there was no need for my to grab a garden tool for this.

Honey Badger Gloves: Gardening With Claws - A Farmish Kind of Life

I quickly figured out, though, that since digging is a gross motor skill, it actually works best for me to have the claws on my non-dominant left hand, leaving my right hand free to do the more intricate work of planting seeds or pulling weeds. (You’ll see me use claws on both hands in this post though – I was trying to test everything out as best as I could!)

Even out in our back field where the soil hadn’t been worked as hard and was quite a bit tougher (we have clay soil), these gloves still worked great. Protected my hands and I was able to dig just like I was…well, a honey badger, I guess. 😉

Honey Badger Gloves: Gardening With Claws - A Farmish Kind of Life

Want to see these gloves in action? Here’s a super short video from the Honey Badger Garden Gloves YouTube Channel –

So, did my fingertips hurt after all that digging?

I’m happy to report that the sore fingertips I expected to feel were totally not a thing. Seriously! These gloves make use of “leverage technology” which means that when you’re using the claws, you’re not actually using your fingertips. You’re using a stronger part of your finger to make the claws dig. It’s something special about their design, which is shown here.

I will add the caveat: to ensure that the claws work in the best way possible, you have to make sure the glove is the right size for your hand. If the glove is too big, it will shift around just enough that you have to work harder at clawing the ground. And since in that situation, the claws aren’t sitting correctly on your fingers, your fingertips will hurt.

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Such was my experience when I used the large pair of gloves they sent me—if you compare the pictures of the gloves on my hands, you can tell an obvious difference in how the pink and the green glove fit my hands. When I used the smaller gloves that fit my hands better, my fingertips were happy-happy-happy.

No lie. They’re all protected and snug up there in the claws.

I was a farmish kind of girl with happy lil’ fingertips.

These gloves appear to be very durable (no more wearing through the fingertips, here!) and are easy to rinse off. If you need to wash them, use mild detergent. Knowing this, you can feel free to go play hard in the dirt—these gloves are built to stick with you for the long haul. (They are rated for 200 hours of gardening tasks before the claws will start to wear out.)

Honey Badger Gloves: Gardening With Claws - A Farmish Kind of Life

Honey Badger Gloves sell for 24.95/pair if you want the claw on one hand or you can get claws on both hands for $29.95/pair. They are available to purchase on Amazon or at the Honey Badger Gloves website.

To learn more about these fab gloves, why they were created, and how and why they work, you can check out the Honey Badger Garden Gloves’ website, Facebook page, and Pinterest.

Why do I feel like a rockstar in the garden? Gloves with claws, my friend. Here's why you won't be needing that lil' garden shovel anymore...

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6 thoughts on “Honey Badger Gloves: Gardening With Claws”

  • I can’t lie–I positively chortled with glee when I saw that these gloves exist. What a brilliant idea! I bet it was super satisfying, too, to just honeybadger your way through some soil.

    What group do you use for reviewing items at a discount? I’m a frequent user of AMZreviewtrader and Snagshout…is this a similar website?

    • I had a lot of fun trying these gloves out. Aren’t they neat? I am not a part of any review groups. If I review stuff it’s generally because the makers of the product found me. 🙂

  • Very cool idea…thanks for the review! I am constantly wearing out the fingertips on my gloves from digging. I will be looking for these to try out.

  • I have a few questions and would like to learn all I can about small area gardening. I’m a senior and need tips to make gardening easier. Weeds were my biggest problem also. The worms and pests later in the season are also a subject I need help with. I’m trying to go organic but need good accurate guidance with qualified input on pest control.
    I live In the deep south so filtering Q&A by location is very important. Today is Sept 28 and 92 degrees with no cool weather in sight for at least three weeks.

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