My Books

Here are the non-fiction books I currently have available!

Make Friends with a Dog: 18 Tips to Live a Good Life

Available on Kindle and in paperback.

What does it take to live a good life?

Author, podcaster, and farm(ish) girl Amy Dingmann argues that living a good life isn’t difficult. All you need is a rug that doesn’t match, a sturdy fence, and eyes that stay wide open.

Oh, and you definitely need to make friends with a dog.

With suggestions like tear up the score card, draw circles, and be a tree, Amy offers deep thoughts on 18 simple tips to help you live a good life. Sprinkled with equal parts sweetness and sass, Make Friends with a Dog will inspire you, make you think, wake you up, and give you peace.

Here’s to a good life, for all of us.

It’s Not About Money…except when it is

Available on Kindle and in paperback

This book is not about frugal living, except when it is. This is no ordinary financial savings book. Sure, it has some tips and tricks you can use to save a few bucks, but it’s more about the mindset of spending. It’s about coming to terms with where you are in life, and the steps you’ll need to take to reach your goals. It will help you figure out why you’re in competition with yourself and others, and why it’s so hard to have a non-judgmental conversation about money.

This book is for the rest of us. It’s for people who are tired of the standard frugal living advice. This book is for folks who need to hear something other than “cut the cable television”. You know, the cable television you already don’t have.

It’s Not About Money will make you take an honest look at how money fits into your life, with equal parts compassion, sass, and slap-yo’-face truth.

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The Homeschool Highway: How to Navigate Your Way Without Getting Carsick

Available on Kindle and in paperback

Ah, the road of homeschooling. It’s a lovely ride filled with togetherness, freedom, and the knowledge that you journey down the road in whatever style you feel is right. But consider yourself forewarned. As beautiful as the drive is, you might get carsick along the way.

Join Amy Dingmann, homeschooling mom of two, as she discusses the potholes and roadblocks along the Homeschooling Highway: what is the real socialization question we should all be asking? How do we get rid of our homeschooling doubt and guilt? How do homeschooling parents get any time to themselves? What is a parent’s responsibility when it comes to homeschooling? Why can’t homeschoolers get along with each other? Do labels really matter? How do I handle my family and friends who don’t agree with homeschooling? And what in the world does my husband really think about what I’m doing?

Hop in your Minivan of Awesome and get ready for an honest (but hilarious!) look at how to deal with life on the Homeschooling Highway…without getting carsick!

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