It’s Not About Money—Except When It Is

It’s Not About Money—Except When It Is

“I didn’t want to write a book about money. So this book really isn’t about money—except for when it is.” At its heart, this book is about all the non-money things that affect how we use money—the way we spend it, how we save it, and what we actually get from our use of it. This book is about truth and honesty. It’s about the reality that regardless of what financial plan you follow. Life can drop kick you from here to Sunday and ruin your savings. Simple tips like cut out the daily latte is not what this book is about! I hope It’s Not About Money… will both challenge and inspire on your journey to a more frugal life.

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This book is not about frugal living—except when it is. This is no ordinary financial savings book. Sure, it has some tips and tricks you can use to save a few bucks, but it’s more about the mindset of spending. It’s about coming to terms with where you are in life, and the steps you’ll need to take to reach your goals. It will help you figure out why you’re in competition with yourself and others, and why it’s so hard to have a non-judgmental conversation about money.

This book is for the rest of us. It’s for people who are tired of the standard frugal living advice. This book is for folks who need to hear something other than “cut the cable television”. You know, the cable television you already don’t have.

Topics included in It’s Not About Money:

  • How “frugal living” means different things to different people
  • The importance of being on the same page with your spouse
  • How to stop buying stuff you don’t need, save money on stuff you do need, and actually use the stuff that you buy
  • How to make peace with where you are financially
  • Why moving to the country/homesteading isn’t always a money saving venture
  • Why saving money takes time
  • All the judgment that comes with choosing to live frugally—sometimes from people who are frugal!

It’s Not About Money will make you take an honest look at how money fits into your life, with equal parts compassion, sass, and slap-yo’-face truth.

“Amy Dingmann has one of the most unique writing styles out there—in a good way! Her work is incredibly readable and relevant. It’s Not About Money—Except When it is surprised me. It is not about how to handle your money. I would say it’s more about how we think about money, what sort of visceral response we give to having money or not having money. I will say it opened my eyes to some things I had been avoiding thinking about. Give this a read. It is worth much more than the retail price.”  — Janet Garman, Timber Creek Farm

“This book is a fantastic read. Money management is NOT a one size fits all. For many years, I was completely turned off by money management systems that told you the first thing one needed to do to control finances was to stop going to the coffee shops and nail and hair salons. With this book (It’s Not About Money…. Except When It is) completely puts money management into perspective and then speaks to the heart of the matter by helping one to understand where in the financial world one fits. You can jump into money saving – money spending ideas where ever you are on the financial spectrum and it will work. This book is to money management what Flylady is to home organization!” — “Happy Person” (Amazon Review)