The Homeschool Highway

The Homeschool Highway

Ah, the road of homeschooling. It’s a lovely ride filled with togetherness, freedom, and the knowledge that you journey down the road in whatever style you feel is right. But consider yourself forewarned: as beautiful as the drive is, you might get carsick along the way. Let’s chat, shall we?

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As a homeschooling mom since 2007, I’ve had plenty of experience with the potholes and roadblocks along The Homeschool Highway—and I’m here to tell you there are issues we need to have honest conversation about! For instance:

  • What is the real socialization question we should all be asking?
  • How do we get rid of our homeschooling doubt and guilt?
  • How do homeschooling parents get any time to themselves?
  • What is a parent’s responsibility when it comes to homeschooling?
  • Why can’t homeschooling moms get along with each other?
  • What kind of homeschoolers are we? Do labels even really matter?
  • How do I handle my family and friends who don’t agree with homeschooling?
  • …and what in the world does my husband really think about what I’m doing?

Hop in your Minivan of Awesome and get ready for an honest and hilarious look at how to deal with life on the Homeschool Highway—without getting carsick!

“This book is just what I needed. The good, the bad, the ugly. It’s like chatting with your best girlfriend over coffee/wine. I want everyone to read it! Amy gets to the heart of what homeschooling families are worried about and the ups and downs of our everyday life. I especially love that she includes dads perspective. I highly recommend it and can’t wait to read the next book.”  — DW, homeschool mom

“With wit, humor, and a wonderful dose of reality Amy gives reassurance and hope. I was sure I’d failed, misjudged and totally made the wrong choice with homeschooling. Silly me. We had only hit a pot-hole. I love this book and will definitely recommend it.” — T. Ruby Johnson, homeschool mom