RP 005: Time Management Tips for Your Homestead

RP 005: Time Management Tips for Your Homestead

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Note: During vacations, workshops, or speaking engagements, I now post replays of past episodes of the Farmish Kind of Life podcast. If you want the blog post for today’s episode, check out the original link below.

Today’s replay is from episode 61, Time Management for Smart Homesteaders, which was originally posted on September 9th, 2019.

Last week in episode 209 (Look for Work and What Needs to Be Done) I talked about the importance of approaching a situation with intention and figuring out what’s the next thing that needs to be taken care of. It was warning against multi-tasking and I also talked a bit about overwhelm when there’s a ton to do and we’re not sure how to get it all done.

I do think sometimes just focusing on the next thing is helpful advice to hear in order to find our focus. But I also think it’s sometimes important to take a big picture approach and look at a bunch of time management tips to help us organize our day, our life, and our homestead better so we can do the things that need to get done.

Some of these tips might be simple, some maybe not so much. As with anything I post, take the advice and the tips that work for you and leave the rest for someone else. Hopefully you will find something in this replay episode that helps you today on your homestead.

— Amy Dingmann, 5/26/22


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