Spicy Sisters 001 with Nicole Sauce

Spicy Sisters 001 with Nicole Sauce

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Today is a bonus episode on the Farmish Kind of Life podcast! Nicole Sauce of Living Free in Tennessee invited me to be on a livestream (3-17-22) and we talked about some of the things that are really gettin’ under our skin right now. Nicole was kind enough to share the audio with me so we could both upload it to our podcasts.

Be warned, there is a decent amount of profanity in this episode, including f-bombs, so if that isn’t for you, skip this episode.

This episode includes rants on topics such as:

  • Entitlement
  • When everything breaks all at once
  • Misuse of the word “unprecedented”
  • Just get off your ass and do it
  • The media sucks

You can watch the livestream replay of this episode here: Afternoon Tea with the Spicy Sisters #1

Afternoon Tea with the Spicy Sisters will be a monthly show/livestream. Find it monthly in your podcast player or catch the livestream as it’s happening on Living Free in Tennessee/A Farmish Kind of Life video channels. Next date: April 21st, 2-3 pm central time.


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