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Enjoy a envelope of awesome delivered from me to you every month! The Farmish Papers includes deep thoughts about real life as well as DIY tips, recipes, prepping, animal care, gardening, general homesteading how-to, product reviews, lifestyle design, and more.

It’s all the stuff you’ve come to expect from me, but this time it’s on paper.

The Farmish Papers started in March of 2022 and is currently sent to subscribers in 42 states and 3 countries! Each month, subscribers receive six pages of information, tips, and thoughts as well as a personalized post-it note from me. Sometimes there’s an extra enclosure, sometimes there’s a hidden giveaway in the newsletter. You just never know what I’ll have up my sleeve. 🙂

It’s a great little envelope of awesome to enjoy with a cup of coffee and a moment of peace.

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