195: It’s Not About Luck

195: It’s Not About Luck

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Today’s interview is with Toolman Tim Cook and we talk about what it takes to be successful in your goals. Tim gives his two cents about the importance of hard work and support systems, and also why you should ignore those “wow, it must be nice” folks. We dish about “being in the right place at the right time” and “it’s all who you know” and whether or not luck plays any part in success.

Oh, and we definitely talk about Nickelback.

We hope you enjoy this interview!

— Amy and Tim, 3-17-22

Where you can find Toolman Tim Cook

You can most often find Tim at “The Workshop” where he helps people “Create Community, Find Freedom, Promote Preparedness and Share Success.A successful business owner and content creator, Tim is also a regular contributor to The Survival Podcast (expert council) and the Prepper Broadcast Network. As well as running his own podcast/video channels, he’s also a host of the Fireside Freedom podcast.

Website: toolmantim.co

Social Media: Flote, Telegram, MeWe, Instagram, Facebook

Video channels: Odysee, YouTube

Podcasts: The Workshop, Fireside Freedom, The Survival Podcast, Prepper Broadcast Network


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