20 years (itty bitty thoughts)

20 years (itty bitty thoughts)

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People sometimes ask what it’s like to be married to a law enforcement officer.

“Isn’t it hard?”

I generally don’t entertain those conversations long

because in all honesty

we all put a ring on our finger and don’t really know what we’re getting into.

(He sure didn’t have a clue what he was up against when he married

an artsy fartsy writer type chick

because it is all sorts of weird and eclectic and WTF up in here…)

But you guys,

let’s talk about the things that really matter.

Let’s talk about what has been really hard to get used to over these last 20 years.

Are you ready?

The man prefers cold pizza

(when clearly melty cheese is the entire point of pizza).

He believes that warm pumpkin pie with whipped cream

is superior to cold pumpkin pie and ice cream.

And he likes wearing shoes.

Like, the man cannot walk barefoot anywhere

and if we are ever on a survival reality show

and have to walk together across a bed of hot coals

(or a gravel driveway) 

to win the big prize




because of his baby feet.



I have ignored these things

because he is also the man who


makes a bed for the stray dog that shows up

(yes he did)

and he is also the man who reminds me to eat when I’m 

deep in the grips of writing,

and he is also the man who explains

very mechanical, technical things that I don’t understand

(like “gears”).

He is the man who reminds me again

how to drive the tractor

and he is the man who taught me

how to correctly say the word “abominable”.



he is also the man that warms up my pizza

and puts ice cream on my cold pumpkin pie

and just shakes his head at

my bare feet.

And really

it’s those little things

(and a million other)

that work together

to make


perfectly lovely


of marriage.

  — Amy Dingmann, 10/15/20

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Why pizza, pumpkin pie, and your ability to walk barefoot (or not) are important in 20 years of marriage.

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