225: My Big Question for the New Year

225: My Big Question for the New Year

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Some people make New Year’s Resolutions. Some make goals. Some choose a Word of the Year.

For 2023… I’ve got a big question.

— Amy Dingmann, 12-27-22


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1 thought on “225: My Big Question for the New Year”

  • Ohmygosh! When do you SLEEP??!!!!!
    Congrats on the NEW book. We are old teachers that gave it up for lent one year. Not Catholic. Just needed OUT and ….. so anyway we believe firmly in parents educating their little peeps. We now have grand-peeps. Oldest is in government school 🤮.

    You make me laugh. #wink

    I have a tiny page where I share STUFF. I’m assuming its legal for me to share some of your things there. I’m a stirrer of the pot…conservative and do-it-myselfer.

    Happy ’23
    You go girl ♡.

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