214: A Bump in the Road

214: A Bump in the Road

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Things have been “different” at home. Things have been “different” in the homesteading/self-reliance community. When things get bumpy, sometimes you have to get off the road.

In today’s episode, I discuss the importance of taking a break when you need it, and explain the multiple reasons I will be taking an extended break from the Farmish Kind of Life podcast.

— Amy Dingmann, 7-5-22


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3 thoughts on “214: A Bump in the Road”

  • You just nailed it. Overwhelmed. All that’s going on. All the information. Time to kick it down a gear. I’m so glad I listened to this today. You always have the right words. I think sometimes think that we in the “podcast world” forget that you actually have a life outside the microphone! Hope you find the needed rest and inspiration you’re looking for and prayers for your husband! Meanwhile, I’ll still be going back to older episodes for the helpful info there!
    Sincerest regards,
    Kim in GA!

  • I love your podcasts. I’m not a podcast person. I’m a reader and actually prefer to read ‘stuff’. If an article has both “listen here” and text, I’ll read the text. LOL I think it’s because I’m a visual learner and retain it better that way.

    I love your podcasts and your sense of humor. Blessings to you. Enjoy your break and reflection time. We all need those times.

    Please excuse if there are typos. The text here is teeny tiny, and I don’t have my glasses on.


  • Sorry you are at this point . I will miss your casts. I understand being behind . I get behind during spr season and summer work . Try to catchup before harvest. As a full time farm ranch manager i enjoy your view on things. I am not on social media so I will miss your cast. I might be able to catch up old casts and look forward to your new adventure. Hope your husband heals up understand the healing time required for rib injure from a past horse wreck. We will have to find a new cast once we get caught up listening. MY wife and I enjoy your cast on mornings we are not rushing during breakfast. Stay well and clear your mind the new adventure will come to you.

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