230: Adventures and Mistakes in Hydroponic Gardening

230: Adventures and Mistakes in Hydroponic Gardening

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It’s been a hot minute, but we’re actually going to talk about something homesteadish today!

Today’s podcast episode puts together all the articles I just wrote for my new hydroponic gardening series, including:

9 Benefits of Hydroponic Gardening

Our Simple DIY Hydroponic Garden System

Starting Seeds for your Hydroponic Garden

Growing Hydroponic Lettuce (and how to transplant into your system)

5 Lessons Learned After a Year of Hydroponic Gardening

If you want to hear me talk about hydroponic gardening, you’ve found the right podcast episode. If you want pictures, links, or to read further about what’s going on, you’ve got the show notes. Enjoy!

— Amy Dingmann, 2-8-23

Shopping List for Hydroponics:

A list of items I’ve used in getting my hydroponic system going. The links above (or the podcast episode) will help explain what they are on why they’re on the list.

Seed starting trays

Clear plastic totes (20 pack)

2” net pots

General hydroponics fertilizer

Clay pebbles


Smart plug

Barrina grow lights

Big square grow light (this one is similar to ours, the one we bought is no longer available)


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