279: Why I (Actually Don’t) Hate People

279: Why I (Actually Don’t) Hate People

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In this episode, I share some thoughts and lessons after a laid-back homesteading event in Illinois, hosted by Nate and Erin from Two Chicks Homestead. I talk about the importance of finding your tribe, the realization that “I hate people” often means you’re just with the wrong crowd, and how the essence of community transcends the initial “thing” that brings people together.

I also talk about what’s happening around the lifestead, including: 

  • the ambitious to-do list I created while my husband was gone for a week at an out of state training and the stark contrast between my 20-year-old brain’s expectations and my 45-year-old body’s reality,
  • the rabbits have arrived at our farm! Hear the story of how they got their names: Slim Shady, Beyonce, and Sarah Mchoplin,
  • and my brave adventure (finally!) harvesting stinging nettle and turning it into a yummy tea and also sautéed greens.

Main topic starts at 11:06


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