Episode 54: Smart Homesteaders Keep Learning

Episode 54: Smart Homesteaders Keep Learning

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There’s something that smart homesteaders continue to do, and that’s learn. This revelation came about the other day when I made sun tea—for the very first time. I can hear you now, asking Amy, you’ve seriously never made sun tea before? True story. And the simple act of sticking some tea bags in water and setting it out in the sun sent me on a path of deep thoughts about the importance of continuing to learn new things around the homestead.

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In order to continue being successful at homesteading, you have to keep learning. How else are you going to take your homesteading journey to the next level?

Join today me as I talk about:

— The reality that you really don’t know what you don’t know

— How continuing to learn increases your self-sufficiency

— Why it’s important to teach people about the homesteading things you know

— The importance of being part of a community when it comes to learning

Project: list out the things you do know and what you don’t know—and why it’s really hard to make that list

— Examples of things I do know how to do—and the many things I don’t

— Why we tend to get stuck in the information we currently have 

— Why you shouldn’t feel dumb or overwhelmed if you don’t know something

— How modern homesteading gives us the option to be afraid to screw up—and why that doesn’t help

Links referenced in today’s show:

Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce

Living Free in Tennessee – Nicole Sauce’s podcast

How to make sun tea in a mason jar

The how-to of fermenting chicken feed

The Backyard Herbal Apothecary by Devon Young

Why YOU are a Homesteading Expert

Homesteading Questions: There are No Dumb Ones

The Gift of Community

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