Why We Started Homesteading: Episode 53

Why We Started Homesteading: Episode 53

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A new friend asked the other day, “do you have an blog post or a podcast episode on why you decided to be a homesteader?” As it turns out, while there are a lot of things I’ve talked about in this blog and on my podcast, I’ve never really talked about why we started homesteading. 

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So, what exactly prompted our head first dive into this crazy life? (Or wait. Was it head first? Or was it more gradual?)

Join today me as I talk about some stuff and things like:

 — Where we were before the farm

— How we ended up at the farm

— Our original plans for the farm, what worked…and what didn’t

— What happened when life happened

— How I got lost in our plans and “got away” from homesteading

— What I needed to do to get back to it

— The importance of knowing your reason for homesteading and what your goals are

— How to determine what’s extra and if it needs to go

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Wherein I discuss why we started homesteading, our journey to the farm, how I "got away" from it...and the realizations that helped me get back to my goals.

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