282: The Use What You Have Food Challenge

282: The Use What You Have Food Challenge

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What happens when you challenge yourself to use the food you already have? In today’s episode, I explain the details of a challenge I started in my “Get By Guys and Gals” Facebook group. This challenge focuses on using the food already available on your homestead or in your pantry, rather than constantly buying new groceries.

Today I share my personal experience so far with that challenge, lessons I’ve learned eleven days in, and the unexpected benefits that have come from it. From organizing my freezer to discovering a new way of eating, I’ve definitely been impacted by this exercise!

I started this challenge to encourage myself and others to make the most of our existing food supplies. It’s not about strict restrictions, but more about being aware of and creative with what we already have.

(Main topic time stamp: 8:58)

Also in this episode, hear our lifestead updates, which includes:

  • A reminder that weather apps and forecast technology is not always right
  • Breaking my favorite garden/farm tool
  • Propagating strawberries from the new strawberry baskets we bought, and a PSA about why homegrown strawberries are different from what you get in the store.

Hope this episode is helpful to you!


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