Beautiful Boring (itty bitty thoughts)

Beautiful Boring (itty bitty thoughts)

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I didn’t watch The Thing last night. I didn’t even know The Thing was happening until I saw a few memes about it on MeWe. People were creating a drinking game for the The Thing and then joking that everyone would be dead from alcohol poisoning if they actually followed the rules of the game, which included taking a shot every time Whichever Whoever said Whatever at the debate.

No, instead yesterday was a pretty boring day in my pretty boring life.

I made caramel rolls.

I was once told "I like talking to you because your life is pretty boring." Here's why I'm okay with that.

I cut more sage and then spread it out on racks to dry. 

I wrote out a card to a friend and stuck it in the mail.

I paid a bill, fed chickens, filled waters.

I collected eggs and pulled plants that were done producing and tossed them to the pigs.

I swept, because with three dogs in the house you can’t miss a day of sweeping.

I considered the topics of future books to write.

I returned emails. So many emails.

I proofread a paper for the youngest before he submitted it for a class.

I talked to the oldest about his plans to soundproof his closet because mom, I really want a vocal studio.

And at dusk, I walked through the back field and admired the almost full moon and listened to Quarter Past Four by Avriel and the Sequoias through my earbuds.

I was once told "I like talking to you because your life is pretty boring." Here's why I'm okay with that.
See that moon, poking through the corn?

I had a relative once tell me that she liked talking to me because there was no drama in my life and that my life was, in fact, pretty boring.

I sometimes like to think what she actually meant was beautiful boring.

It’s not that we don’t have issues or struggles. It’s not that the shit never hits the fan here. I mean, we all have that. That’s part of being alive.

But my 41 years this go round on the planet has taught me that it’s up to us to decide what we decide to get involved in. What drama we take on. What drama we allow in.

A beautiful boring life doesn’t necessarily go viral on social media.

You know, like The Thing did. Like Whichever Whoever said Whatever usually does.

I’m okay with a beautiful boring life.

I mean, I like the people here. And there are caramel rolls.

So, there’s that.

— Amy Dingmann, 9-30-20

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I was once told "I like talking to you because your life is pretty boring." Here's why I'm okay with that.

20 thoughts on “Beautiful Boring (itty bitty thoughts)”

  • I love our beautiful boring life. We don’t need the drama. I know people that thrive on drama. If there is no drama, they create drama just so they can watch it unfold. All I watch are cooking shows, no drama, no “news”. I scroll through social media, looking for pictures of sunsets and kids and pets, hiding the politically charged, hateful, disrespectful things that the drama llamas post. Boring is beautiful.

  • I’m only 24 years old and I love my beautiful boring life. My generation is so involved with social media and trying to do all of the things that it’s actually hard for me to find genuine connections. I think sitting on my front porch and circling Burpee crops for next year is much more exciting than trying to capture the perfect Instagram shot at a new venue! Also, I missed “the thing” as well. I don’t think we missed out on much.

    • You remind me of me. I always felt like I was born in the wrong era, trying to talk to people “my age” about stuff they didn’t much care about. I always liked going to talk to my bazillion year old great uncle and hear his stories about the Great Depression. Now that was something I could have listened to for days. <3

  • Boring is so much more relaxing and comforting. After reading this post, I realized how amazing boring is. The pandemic pretty much put a stop to my last volunteer thing (the busiest of all my out of home endeavors). The most interesting thing I’ve done this week is help my hubby process a deer and watch a pressure canner for an evening while playing cribbage. I’m learning to be thankful for boring.

  • That sounds like a lovely day, the caramel rolls look so good!
    Since reading more about having „mediocre“ goals and a simpler life, I noticed how easy it is to get this sort of negative connotation with describing a (mostly) drama-free life. I hope for the latter, too and I think you can make it beautiful.
    My sister lived in the States for a few years, so we follow international politics quite closely in our home, even across the pond, but I managed to only hear snippets of The Thing. I like to know about what’s going on in the world minus the carnival, which isn’t always so easy.

    • It’s hard to follow a circus without the circus. 😉

      I agree there is often a negative connotation with having a “boring” (read: drama free) life. Which makes me wonder, for those who prefer the excitement of the drama filled life…where does that preference come from? And to whom are they trying to prove something with the “my life is so insane and out of control?”

  • Hi Amy!
    Im just getting caught up on your blog, I”ve had family visiting from out of state over the last few days. I truly relate to your philosophy.
    My Husband and I moved to our current Home which is now a Farm 3 years ago. And we aren’t Spring Chickens lol. He’s 62 and Im 57! But we are stronger physically and emotionally because of our move! I am very proud to say there is always something that needs to done, tended, fixed, watered and fed. No time for drama here. I love when chores slow down and I can just get on my horse and ride and my mind is clear. I love when the grandkids visit and fall asleep as soon as their parents hit the main road to go home. I love the silence when the sunsets. The Best decision is to remove yourself from the chaos of the world (yes you can) and truly live your life. Everyday is a gift and we never know how many days we have, so make each one count for yourself! Keep up the Great Work! I enjoy your Podcast and Blog

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