meditating…with cats (itty bitty thoughts)

meditating…with cats (itty bitty thoughts)

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Fall is my favorite time of year. 

A couple days ago I was having a stressful day. I know the cure for all things stressful is time in nature so I grabbed a blanket, a notebook, and a hard cider I found in the garage fridge (because fall, right?) and I trotted out to a favorite space in the yard.

Then I realized that music would make this even better so I went back in the house to get my earbuds. When I came back, I found:

I am *not* a cat person. But as it turns out, cats know when you need them. And you always need them more than they need you.

I should have known it wouldn’t be long until one of the barn cats showed up.

Poofy Kitty, as she is known, claimed a spot on the blanket and curled up for a nap. 

So happy I could bring this blanket out for you, I said.

I settled onto the blanket, put my earbuds in my ears, found some “relaxing music”, and closed my eyes.

It didn’t take long to realize that I could hear the sounds of my windchimes over the music I’d chosen. Duh, Mother Nature provides her own music, Amy.

But then I realized I could hear another noise.

I am *not* a cat person. But as it turns out, cats know when you need them. And you always need them more than they need you.

I informed Ranger that he was far too young for hard cider and to leave it alone. He hopped off the stump and paced around the blanket.

It was then I realized that Baby Emily had also joined the Blanket Tribe.

I am *not* a cat person. But as it turns out, cats know when you need them. And you always need them more than they need you.

I decided it was time to lay back (on the blanket I had brought out for me) and think over the day.

The backlash from the announcement that I’m leaving Facebook and the people who have told me that old school blogging doesn’t work.

The realization that I’ve got to start canning all the tomatoes I’ve been popping into the freezer because we are butchering pigs in a month.

The ugly anger that has me dropping my damn jaw every single day because I can’t b-e-l-i-e-v-e some of the stuff I’m hearing about. Is this real life?

We need stuff and I don’t like the numbers in the bank account. But we’re creative, so there’s that.

I want to make caramel rolls.

Is this real life. I mean, seriously?

I think I want to change the world, like I’m a damn warrior.

And I also want to just run and hide in the woods.

Is this real life?

I’m so freaking tired.

I don’t know how long I laid there. And I admit, I might have dozed off. Regardless, when I opened my eyes, I realized the Blanket Tribe had grown a lot, as shown in this 8 second video below:

As it turns out, attempting to meditate and chill out and destress with cats in the general vicinity is pretty hilarious…and also pretty awesome.

As it turns out, cats know when you need them. And you always need them more than they need you.

  — Amy Dingmann, 9-26-20

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I am *not* a cat person. But as it turns out, cats know when you need them. And you always need them more than they need you.

26 thoughts on “meditating…with cats (itty bitty thoughts)”

  • Caramel rolls would have to win out for me.
    My advice is to make the caramel rolls, tune out the news, and do the next right thing πŸ₯°
    But, from the looks of the Blanket Tribe, you are well aware of The Next Right Thing.
    PS. I like the blog better than the FB.

  • Truer words have never been spoken… Cats never need you. But it’s nice that they’ll oblige you with their presence πŸ˜‰

    Sometimes I go to the tree stand in the woods and just sit and soak in nature. It’s the best reset. I’m so glad we chose the simpler life.

  • Amy, I read this morning from a click on FB, but I also have you in my email inbox. I happened to click on FB before G-mail. I am glad that I found you as the Hmmmschooling Mom, but I have enjoyed all of your writing and sharing of experience from A Farmish Kind of Life to Ready, Amy, Fire Away. I completely understand the step away from social media. I respect it and I will still read as posts come through my email. God bless and be well with your decision, you are the one who gets to make it and live freer for it.

  • OK I’m impressed.
    Not just by the fact you have barn big enough to support 6 cats, and that you HAVE 6 cats, but with very obvious cat trap (large white square) you managed to catch 6 cats AT ONCE!

    • I won’t tell you how many cats we actually have. People keep dropping them locally and they find their way to our farm. I think there must be a neon sign on top of our barn that says “A big sap lives here. Wander up the driveway and she will feed you.”

  • I don’t have a barn, or a farm (yet), but I do have five cats and they are the best. Last night as my husband and I settled in to watch some TV, I had one on my shoulder, one on my lap, one on my knees, one on my ankles, and one on my toes. On the one hand, I thought I was going to die from overheating because it’s still warm enough here to run the air conditioner, but on the other hand it’s wonderful because you know they could choose to hang out somewhere else. If you don’t need kitty snuggles in 2020, when do you need them!?

  • I love the return to thoughtful blogging. It might only serve a certain segment of society or whatever but that is perfectly fine. I am finding just crap on FB, but I am finding a lot of crap everywhere. People can be such horrors at time.

  • Whenever a square or rectangle is laid on a floor or the ground a cat must get in it. This I learned back in the 70s’.
    I prefer this blog and can feel the positive relaxing vibes from it as compared with Facebook. Excellent decision!

    • I’m glad you feel positive relaxing vibes here at the blog. That makes me so happy to hear that. πŸ™‚ Also, I wonder if I laid a circle or a triangle on the ground, would the cats still arrive? Hmmm. πŸ™‚

  • I love cats. I just learned something from my cat yesterday. She loves being in my lap and given the state of my hips, I just can’t have her there for long. No matter that I dump her it after a few minutes, she’ll keep coming back throughout the day.

    I realized that for her, each moment in my lap is enough. Each moment spent happily curled there is worth being dumped out a few minutes later. She isn’t upset, I’m the one thinking more is better. Each moment of happiness is perfect.

  • I think hubby is going to break down and let me get a kitty. A family friend’s barn cat had kittens and we may take one of them in a month or so. Pretty sure he thinks it will help calm me down and keep me company since I’m home by myself all day with no one to talk to aside from myself πŸ™‚

  • I think my exodus from FB preceded yours. However, I support your choice. As for cats and their intuitive abilities I completely agree! I miss my kitters. She was a beloved companion for two decades. Fall was our favorite time of the year between us. When the sun shifts in the sky I can point out each and every spot in our home where my kitty would frequent for naps, bathing and sun gazing. This is my first Autumn without her as my furry best friend in such a long, long time! And, yes, the things that are said on social media can be enough to make a person cringe in disbelief. I hope turning down the volume on social media while cranking it up in nature’s splendor will be the elixir you are hoping for. Until next time, internet friend, keep the faith. ~~~ R

    • I’m glad you were able to have such a long time with your cat companion! And cranking up the volume on nature’s splendor is the cure for what ails anyone. I wish more people would try it. πŸ˜‰

  • β€œWhat’s Facebook? Do you torture it and eat it? Can you lay in it or knock it over? Then it has no place in my life. ”

  • Cats have a knack of knowing the best places to be! I loved your video. It gave me joy this Monday morning, especially baby Emily

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