93: Okay, Now What? (Keep Going)

93: Okay, Now What? (Keep Going)

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When you hit a stage of life where things are ending or changing, we often ask ourselves (author included), okay, now what?

And it’s easy to fall in to the trap that says there isn’t anything next because we’re too old or that season has passed.

Come on, you guys.

We always have options. There is always a next phase of life and we can do just as much with it as we did with the last one.

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Your homework after listening to Episode 93:

Make a list of who you answer to.

Ask yourself what you really want to do.

Ask yourself why you’ve stopped growing or digging. What’s holding you back?

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When things end we often ask ourselves "okay, now what?" But there is always a next phase of life and we can do just as much with it as we did the last one.

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