the thing we keep forgetting (itty bitty thoughts)

the thing we keep forgetting (itty bitty thoughts)

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So many people are content to just wait.
To sit in the corner
until all of this
(waves hands wildly at all that is 2020)
blows over.

I offer this to you:

if it
What if all of this
doesn’t blow over in 4 weeks?
4 months?
4 years?
What if things are

We have forgotten that while we are freaking out about a
second round of hoarding toilet paper
or how much we do or don’t care about
the dumpster fire of an election
that this is actually real life
and it continues on
and we’re not in some revolutionary, apocalyptic movie
with cool guns and big muscles
and tough lookin’ guys and gals
reciting powerful lines at The Powers That Be.
We’re just people at the store waiting in long lines
to pay for groceries because
there aren’t enough cashiers to work anymore.
We’re just people that go back home and realize there is
outside of marinating in
WhaT sOMEbodY saId oN a sCreEN.

We have forgotten that we don’t know when
The End is coming.
We’ve forgotten that we’re supposed to
live until it comes.
And this isn’t a veiled effort to convince everyone
to fight for extended family gatherings
to be allowed for Thanksgiving/Christmas.
Because seriously,
some people who are the loudest
about not being able to get together
with their extended family this year
are the same people who complained endlessly
about having to do it last year.
Just sayin’.

We’ve forgotten the point
that while we’re holding out
and holding our breath
and hanging on
and waiting for different
or change
or revolution
or whatever it is you think is
on the other side of this,
life is still happening.

Life happens regardless of being caught up in politics
or losing your ish about who is or isn’t wearing a mask.
Life happens until you are hit head-on
or choke on a piece of steak
or fall from a great height
or one of a million other things
but in order for life to stop
your heart has to
and if you’re reading this

I’ve pulled myself out of the corner
out of a hole
and I’m going to make some flat out ridiculous goals and plans.
Because seriously, why not?
Why effin’ not?
What’s the alternative?

At this point,
a person can be angry and upset at the world
Or a person can take that anger and put it towards
something that makes life better for themselves
and the people they love.


Don’t worry about the plans or goals changing.
Don’t wimp out because
something in the world might change
and you might have to tweak your plans and goals.
You guys, the world is ALWAYS changing.
Plans and goals ALWAYS have to be tweaked.
If someone told you that’s not the way it works,

Anger and frustration has a way of becoming an excuse.
A validation for not moving forward.
A way to get tied up in tasks or visions
that don’t move the needle for you or anyone else.

Tough times have a way of painting us into a corner
where we don’t want to move
because what’s the point?
I don’t know what’s coming next
Why should I bother?
Why should I care?
Why should I do anything?

You guys, listen to me.
We have never
known what’s coming next.

But you know what?
I can hear your heart is still beating.


What are you going to do?

— Amy Dingmann 11/22/20

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Things are crazy and life feels weird. But there's something we keep forgetting in all of this...

3 thoughts on “the thing we keep forgetting (itty bitty thoughts)”

  • I think you just hit the nail on the head. There are a lot of people out there that, I think are frozen in place because of the unknown. To afraid of moving forward, waiting to be told what to do. I myself am moving forward and encouraging family and friends to do the same. I know we will never go back to the way it was and that’s just reality.
    This is a really good post I enjoyed it a lot. Thank for doing these.

  • If you study history you know this is not the first time our society, country or world has lived through tough (an understatement) times. Most of those times happened before we were born and some were worse than what we’re experiencing now. I believe that those who choose to simply wait to be told what to do next are doomed. We all need to bend over, pull up our socks, hook those suspenders over our shoulders and start actively living again. I don’t believe the magnificent human spirit will give up on hoping, dreaming and making goals toward our future. Another great post, Amy. Thanks.

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