113: And I Hope

113: And I Hope

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As a homesteader, a lot of my audience is conservative. As a fiction author in an artist community, most of the people surrounding me are liberal. I have friends and family all over the political spectrum so from both a professional and a personal perspective, it’s been interesting to maneuver life the past week listening to the comments, arguments, and opinions from both sides.

My answer to all of this, as if little ol’ me has the answer, is a piece I wrote called And I Hope. I hope it applies to you whether you live in America or not. I hope it applies to you no matter who you voted for, if anyone at all. I hope it is something you can listen to or read as a pause or a breath or an opportunity to reflect on your focus—and fine tune things if necessary.

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Here are the things I hope for you


and tomorrow

and all of your days.


I hope if someone wants to listen to Christmas music really early because it makes them smile

that you let them.

I hope that you have a friend who can eat all the black jelly beans that you don’t like.

I hope you have enough yarn to finish your hat

I hope you have enough hot water for a really long shower 

I hope you can remember all the items you needed at the store

even if you forgot your list

and I hope that when you smile at the cashier,

they look up and smile back.


I hope all those things,

and other things too


I hope that right now you can act like an adult

because kids are watching

I hope that you don’t let two people who don’t even know your name

come between you and the people who do.

I hope you don’t completely surround yourself with people who think exactly like you.

I hope you know the issue isn’t social media.

I hope you’re always thinking about and searching for a better way to do things.

I hope you understand that how you acted before the election

and how you acted after

say more about you than how you voted,

if you voted at all.


I hope you know that people don’t need to know where you stand on an issue,

they need to know how you stand as a person.

I hope you realize the loudest person in a group

doesn’t usually speak for the majority of the group,

the loudest person is just really loud.

I hope you’re not living for conflict.

I hope you’re not driving the conflict.

And if you are,

I hope you get tired of it

I hope you fail to find a payoff for it

And I hope you stop.


I hope you realize that in a nation so divided, no one wins.

I hope you understand there is a difference between

unity and conformity.

I hope you know this is not an apocalyptic novel and

I hope you know this is not a fairy tale.

I hope you understand this is actual real life and

I hope you realize that nothing that little ol you or me

does or doesn’t do today

will even be seen by the mainstream media

or the individuals who ran for office.

But it will be seen by the people who live with you,

By the people who do life with you.

By the people who will be affected by what you do or don’t do.



I hope you have a friend over for a fried chicken dinner.

I hope you take two hours to talk on the phone when someone calls and

just can’t handle it anymore.

I hope you realize there are bellies to tickle and leaves to rake up and cookies to bake.

I hope you know there are mugs of coffee to be poured and quilts to snuggle under and love to be made.

I hope you realize there are words to be written

and words to be said

and that it’s absolutely our responsibility which ones come out

and which ones we swallow.


I hope you understand

that what matters now

are the things that have always mattered:

The sunrise,

the eggs in the coop,

the people around your table,

and the dog at your feet.


And no person in office

ever has

or ever will

change that.


  — Amy Dingmann, 11-9-20

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A possible answer to all of this, as if little ol' me has any answers at all.


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9 thoughts on “113: And I Hope”

  • Yes, yes and all the yes! It breaks my heart to hear friends and family turn on each other over two men who don’t know them or even care about them. It hurts my soul to hear good people say nasty things to those they disagree with. And it terrifies me that we are so divided as a country. So today, I’ll feed my chickens, pet my kittens and continue doing what I can do to make a difference in my little corner of the world. And I’ll know that be homeschooling and homesteading I am doing the best/only thing I can to make a difference…at least for my family.

  • I’ve long maintained that if we would all take care of our own, make our homes/homesteads a place where we all can feel safe and secure surrounded with love and caring, and be kind and respectful to others, there would be a ripple effect going out into the world. I can feel the sadness in your words but also a deep sense of hope. Eloquently put, dear Amy.

  • Hard to finish…my eyes welled with tears of deep resonance. I’m glad you are out there in my world and being you… blessings to us all. 💜

  • I found this a long time ago in a card, I have always kept it. Now I will share it with you all, no matter who you are or what you believe…
    I Wish You
    “I wish you enough good things to sustain you.
    I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright.
    I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more.
    I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive.
    I wish you enough pain so the smallest joys in life appear much bigger.
    I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting.
    I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess.
    I wish enough “Hello’s” to get you through the final “Goodbye.”

  • Thank you.
    Your words have summed up so much for me…what is important and… What is not as imporyant….seems so simple and easy,
    An amazing ideal. .I live very far away from the USA in Australia but have been very saddened to see what is happening in your wonderful country. Also what happens in America has consequences across the globe.
    But. Your words fill me with hope and gratirude knowing that there are people like you Amy and like-minded folk including myself who stand for kindness and respect to all.
    Your words have totally filled my heart. BLESSINGS

  • beautiful and wise words thanks Amy I am going to save this and refer back to it when things are difficult

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