193: Building Community with Kerry Brown

193: Building Community with Kerry Brown

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Today’s conversation is with Kerry Brown of Strong Roots Resources and we talk about the importance of building community—not only why community is important to meeting your goals, but how to build community, how to find the right people, how to behave within a community, how ego gets in the way, and how to make communities function better. He gives great advice about community building and references his GSD (get stuff done) crew a lot—Shawn Mills, Melissa White, Nicole Sauce—so there is definitely some crossover to the Living Free in Tennessee community today.

We hope you enjoy this interview!

— Amy and Kerry, 3-10-22

Where you can find Kerry and Strong Roots Resources:

Kerry’s business, Strong Roots Resources, provides an assessment of your property and a blueprint for food production. From simple raised garden beds to function-stacked food forests, they assess your needs, capabilities, and goals to create a personalized plan. Their goal is to help you understand your land and create useful, closed loop systems while helping you avoid costly and frustrating mistakes.

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