277: 5 Ways to Prep When You’re Pinching Pennies

277: 5 Ways to Prep When You’re Pinching Pennies

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Strapped for cash but still want to be prepared for life’s unexpected twists and turns? In today’s episode, I talk about practical ways to prep without breaking the bank. Learn why taking stock of what you already have, repurposing items, building skills, finding your community, and getting yourself to a good place mentally can be just as (or more) valuable than any material goods.

Today is a dose of reality, resourcefulness, and a little bit of “sugary spice” as I explain why it’s really important to start where you are with what you have.

“We’ve got farmers figuring out how to run farms on bailing twine and duct tape and WD-40. So don’t tell me that prepping is all about how much stuff you can buy.”

Main topic time stamp: 6:43

— Amy Dingmann, 5-6-24


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