065: 25+ Myths about Life on a Homestead

065: 25+ Myths about Life on a Homestead

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There are several myths or beliefs about homesteading that tend to persist in the mainstream. If you’ve been homesteading a while, you’ve probably heard a lot of these things—and can chuckle about the fact they aren’t true. And maybe—if you’re honest—you can maybe remember back to when you were asking some of these same questions because you didn’t realize these things were myths!

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Summary of today’s episode:

Here are 25+ myths or beliefs about life on a homestead that I’ve encountered, in no particular order:

  • Roosters only crow in the morning.
  • You need a rooster to get eggs.
  • Goats will eat anything!
  • Why do you need a male animal if all you want to do is milk the female?
  •  A rainy day is a day off.
  •  Life in the country is slower paced.
  • All corn is sweet corn.
  •  Chicken lay eggs in the morning.
  • Chickens lay eggs in a nesting box.
  •  Chickens will be friendly if you feed them treats.
  •  Brown eggs come from farm chickens, white eggs come from store.
  •  A small homestead/hobby farm doesn’t take much time.
  •  A small homestead/hobby farm/farm will pay your mortgage.
  • Your homestead activity/needs will be completely financially sustained by what you grow/raise/create on your homestead.
  •  You must get up early to do farm chores.
  •  You can be completely self-sufficient on your homestead and raise everything you need.
  •  You can’t eat fertilized eggs.
  •  You’re not a real homesteader if you work off the homestead.
  •  All homesteaders are (conservative Christians, hippies, homeschoolers, prepping for the zombies, etc.)
  •  “Must be nice you got your land for free…”
  •  Homesteaders never leave their homestead.
  • You’re cheating if you use modern conveniences for old fashioned living.
  •  “You must save so much money by raising your own food!”
  •  You can’t homestead on less than 120 acres (or whatever their magical number is).
  •  You can’t homestead if you don’t have both a garden and animals.
  •  “Funny, you don’t look like a farm girl from a music video…”
  • “You’ll get caught up. Just work a little harder.”
  • “Just find someone to watch your farm if you want to go on vacation.”
  • “I wish I could do what you do, but I just don’t have time.”

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There are several myths about homesteading that keep getting passed around. Have you ever heard any of these? Or maybe you once believed them yourself?

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