211: Brutally honest and maybe backwards

211: Brutally honest and maybe backwards

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Today’s podcast episode catches you up on a few back-of-the-bike thoughts from a recent trip—as well as some changes that are coming to not only A Farmish Kind of Life, but my life as well.

This episode is a little different, but hopefully I rambled my thoughts out in a way that makes sense to you!

— Amy Dingmann, 6-7-22

Hubby and I on a break from the bike on our 1200 mile trip from GA to MN.


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1 thought on “211: Brutally honest and maybe backwards”

  • Just…wow. I’m so happy for you! Gotta say I’m a little sad. Feel like A close friend is moving miles away. But that’s life and we move on! I hope your job and this new venture keeps you moving forward to the next!! You have truly helped me SO much through this podcast! I found you during COVID lockdowns. 2020. Until then I had never listened to podcasts at all. Through yours, I was able to find more podcasters that fit my lifestyle and I have grown exponentially!!! Again, I’ll miss your weeklies but I’m cheering you on!! Thank you for sharing your life here and everything in between!!
    Sincerest regards, Kim in Georgia

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