RP 004: A Modern Problem with the Simple Life

RP 004: A Modern Problem with the Simple Life

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Note: During vacations, workshops, or speaking engagements, I now post replays of past episodes of the Farmish Kind of Life podcast. If you want the blog post for today’s episode, check out the original link below.

Today’s replay is from episode 51, Screwing Up the Simple Life, which was originally posted on June 5th, 2019

I chose this as a replay because I think it’s a good reminder to think about our purpose and intention as homesteaders, especially if you’re someone who shares anything about your homesteading life on social media or as a content creator.

I also chose it because I mentioned something sort of related when I gave my presentation at the Living Free in Tennessee Spring Workshop 2022. I talked about how when you decide to build a presence or personality around your simple homesteading/self-reliant/prepping life, it is very important that you save some of what you do just for you. It’s okay to have sunrises that don’t make it to Instagram. It’s okay to build something that you don’t share the plans for. It’s okay to just enjoy a homemade meal without shooting footage of its preparation.

I mention it in the episode that it may seem a little ironic or hypocritical that I speak against monetizing everything about the simple life when I’m someone who has had a decently successful homesteading website and podcast for several years. But I hope that within the points I bring up here you can find the fine line between understanding it’s okay to share and explain and earn a living from what you’re doing on the homestead, but to not forget why you moved to the homestead in the first place.

I surely hope you didn’t take on homesteading just to have a YouTube channel, a podcast, a website, or an Instagram account.

— Amy Dingmann, 5/24/22


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