260: The ONE THING to remember for holiday gatherings

260: The ONE THING to remember for holiday gatherings

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Getting ready to head off to your holiday celebrations? Here’s the ONE thing I want you to remember at those gatherings when you don’t know how to handle everyone else’s brand of crazy.

It’s a little bit humbling and a little bit ouch, but it’s absolutely true.

In this episode I discuss:

Weekly lifestead update (1:14)

Main topic (8:16)

  • The reality of being a human being
  • The truth about the “crazy”
  • Why “I’m so different from my family” is oddly… similar
  • How everyone is actually saying the same thing to their besties
  • A brilliant quote by Atticus

Now go have a kick-ass holiday celebration!

— Amy Dingmann 12-18-23


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